FRAME / Faculty of X, TU Delft

interior design, sports & culture centre
Delft, The Netherlands, 2018
client: X TU Delft, Delft Univeristy of Technology

This project was commissioned by the TU Delft who were in need of a design for the interior of 7 sport halls in the sports and culture facilities on campus named ‘X’. The aim of the project was to provide playful and functional spaces which would adapt to the users and reflect the specific function of the room while still showing continuity in the total design.

Functionality and continuity is achieved through deploying the FRAME series in every room which provides adaptive storage, seating and greenery. In every room a certain type of plant, lighting and signing was chosen and designed to reflect on the specific function while inserting a playful touch. Two rooms are highlighted in detail below: the Dojo and the Body & Mind.

  1. Stone cushions
  2. Yoga mats
  3. PEG art work
  4. FRAME 3:6
  5. FRAME 1:3
  6. Hangers
  1. Philodendron pertusem, Dieffenbachia vesuvius
  2. Banana plant (Musa tropicana
  3. Scindapsus n'joy; Aglaonema cutlass

  1. FRAME 3:6
  2. Aikido swords
  3. PEG artwork
  4. FRAME 1:3
  5. Kamiza
  1. Bonsai (Ficus microcarpa compacta)
  2. Microsorum diversifolium; Aglaonema cutlass; Hoya carnosa tricolor
  3. Terrarium (by ‘Spruitje’)
  4. Ficus lyrata
  5. Rubberplant (Ficus elastica)