Super Garden

client: Radicepura Garden Festival
competition, fall 2018

This project is part of a design contest for a garden expo in Sicily. The aim was to design a pavilion surrounding the theme ‘The productive garden’. ‘SUPER’ is a counterpart of the conventional supermarket where everything revolves around the mass consumption of food. At "SUPER", the outdoor supermarket, the type and amount of products are constrained by the specific season and growth rate before they can be harvested and purchased. This forces the customer to reflect on the value of food and the way in which it is produced. All used plants are edible and applied in the Sicilian cuisine including a lemon tree, garlic, aubergines and tomatoes.

The supermarket, a place where most people spend time on a daily basis. It is a highly functional warehouse full of commercia impulses but deserted by aesthetics. Not necessarily a place where you want to spend too much time. But what if this short trip could be combined with a quick stroll through nature? What if you could actually experience the production of food?

We propose an idea for a supermarket that embodies this message. The supermarket as a place to enjoy nature, good company and the wonders of gardening. A place where utility and aesthetics meet each other in a fun new concept. A place where the value of time is present in the slowly growing vegetables. And lastly, a place that forces you to contemplate: am I consuming or am I contributing to this planet?

The proposed design embodies this message. From the outside the design displays patterns of a typical supermarket with practical and cost-efficient materials but hints of large plants show that it is all but a typical supermarket. Inside SUPER resembles the modern variant of an enclosed garden. At the entrance people can choose to either consume and grab a basket, or to contribute and grab a watering can.

Through a spiraling S people are led through an oases of plants, vegetables and fruits. Slowly consumers can choose and decide whichever plant they need. This is of course based on the season and ripeness of fruits or vegetables. At the end a small check-out will price the products and the customer can enjoy a piece of fresh and organic food. The contributor can choose to care for plants using the small watering can. In this way the SUPERmarket will be sure of a continuously growing stock.