Bioregional Design Game

client: self-initiated
workshop, spring 2018
in collaboration with Dérive

You hear children giggle when you approach a heap of dark soil. The ground goes up and down, vegetation grows and water wells are formed. This playground follows the typology and can be transformed by hand, chisel or bucket. The playground offers a transformable, temporal site in our ordinary world. Where the public spaces have become one dimensional and easy to untangle, we were assigned to develop a play area to open up new encounters with our surroundings. Therefore we proposed a playground full of affordances ranging from hills, caves, pools and trophies to discover, to possibilities for actions and reencountering our environment.

Firstly, we moulded and displayed the playground in a charette. Next, we translated this into a composition of black tiles containing the topological features as well as playful colour patches. Guided by Italian craftsmen we learned the process of terrazzo.