Compost Human

client: Boogaerdt & Van Der Schoot, Theater Rotterdam
seed of thought, spring 2019

in collaboration with Davida Rauch & Anne de Zeeuw

“Not post-human, but compost-human” are the words Donna Haraway (well-known biologist and philosopher) uses to portray different stories of how humanity will evolve following the events of the Anthropocene. In ‘Botanical Wasteland’ these stories are enacted in theatre restating their relevance. After the play visitors received this small gift as a reminder of the performance.

A small portion of compost containing traces from the Anthropocene was placed in a test-tube and a small perfume holder was fabricated using biodegradable seed paper. Together they form a strong reminder of Donna Haraway’s message (which is also printed the paper) and leave visitors with a small ‘scent’ of the performance.

The reopening of the imagination
that those are not the only choices
that we can collect the forces of the earth and of each other
and propose and enact other kinds of worlding.
In resistance and invention.

And now
it is so difficult not to be despondent
to not see a way forward.
This is true all over the world.
What we are trying to do is more important than ever:
deeply personal and deeply collective.