Bioregional Design Game

client: Atelier LUMA / LUMA, Arles
residency, spring 2023

As part of the LINA programme, Studio Inscape did a research residency at LUMA, Arles on translating their ‘bioregional design approach’ to an interactive instrument. The prototype of a board game that was presented during the opening weekend of Lot8 / Atelier LUMA in May 2023 was developed in collaboration with Atelier LUMA and Jakob Travnik.

The game is teaching users to (1) experience what bioregionalism means from the perspective of Atelier LUMA’s experienced methods (find, connect, engage & share) in the context of Arles; and (2) to be able to see their own context as a potential playing field for a bioregional design approach. And to connect their local resources, crafts and facilities to new biological fabrication processes.

The general playing objective is to stop and prevent waste streams by connecting different locations and resources in the bioregion of Arles, and by developing biofabrique’s and innovations that lead to a more efficient use of resources. As an introduction, the player is introduced to the game environment that represents the context of Arles but is also an abstracted and ‘gamified’ version.

During one turn a player gets different assignments to accomplish individually but is also encouraged to collaborate with other players. The aim is to win from the playing field, and not from other players (as bioregionalism is also a collective effort). When the game is ended (either by winning or losing), the player is asked to step out of the game environment and reflect on what insights could be applicable on the actual context that they are from or representing.